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Expert Mechanical Services for Your Fleet

Ensure your commercial trucks stay on track with our advanced wheel alignment services. We proudly serve customers across the Midwest, with locations in Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.


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Mechanical Services

Did you know? Keeping up with wheel maintenance pays off. Trust Bob Sumerel Tire for expert mechanical services using specialized commercial wheel alignment equipment. Fast service at a great price—guaranteed.

Wheel alignments adjust wheels to achieve a straighter roll position on the road, which minimizes roll resistance. This improvement reduces friction, leading to benefits such as enhanced fuel economy, prolonged tire lifespan, decreased component wear, and reduced driver fatigue.

Multi-axle alignments for commercial trucks are critical because the rear wheels on tandem axles must track precisely. Misalignment can cause the truck to "thrust" or "scrub," resulting in deviation from its intended path. Our service begins with a front-end alignment and includes adjustments for all tandem axles.

If your drivers experience difficulty steering or notice the truck pulling to one side, a semi-truck alignment service is essential to correct these issues caused by misaligned wheels.

Our team of wheel alignment experts comprehensively addresses all signs and scenarios of misalignment in commercial trucks. Using state-of-the-art truck wheel alignment equipment, we swiftly and precisely identify misalignment issues. Operated by highly trained mechanics.

Regular commercial truck alignments can mitigate irregular tire wear accrued over extensive mileage. We recommend scheduling routine alignments every 60-80k miles to uphold your fleet's optimal performance.

Allow us to assist in minimizing your operating costs while ensuring your commercial trucks maintain accurate driving and handling.

Trust Bob Sumerel Tire With Your Next Commercial Alignment

Optimize Your Fleet with Expert Mechanical Services!

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